Letter from J&J


WOW!! What an amazing, awe-inspiring, breath-taking, goofy, sugar-filled, and splendid day! John and I can’t stop talking about what a wonderful time we had and how much we enjoyed seeing all of our friends and family! Everything was absolutely perfect! We only wish that we had more time to spend with everyone! One of our favorite moments was walking up to the reception area and stopping to see everyone trying on crazy hats, creating scrapbook pages, eating penny candy and just having a blast! We stopped to take in the moment and then high-fived each other! Our goal was to have a wedding where we (and our guests) could have fun! We think that we were able to achieve that.

Our own “private” train ride through the stunning redwoods to the top of Bear Mountain was out of this world! Who would have thought that a train ride could be that much fun?! Both of us had a few butterflies upon reaching Cathedral Grove, but as soon as we saw each other, and knew everyone was there rooting us on, they were forgotten. Our ceremony was even more than we had expected and Lynne made us feel so united and loved. What an awesome place to be married…it so rocked! The reception was a total blast – we’re sorry to all of you parents out there who took home some sugar-enhanced children! We know the kids had a fun time though – Connor is still spinning around! We had a chance to go through our scrapbook – and you all out-did yourselves (what a creative group of people you all are)! What an absolute treasure that we now get to read and remember our day with!

We can’t thank all of the wonderful people enough for helping us make this day happen! I wish we could be like Oprah and take all of our helpers on a cruise to Hawaii with us….or maybe give them all cars! Words can’t express how much we really do appreciate the time, effort, support, and energy that was put into this day by our friends and family. The Harrison family and Katie – you all Rock this world! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Well, we are totally exhausted right now and spread out on the couch. John went and picked up some Chinese food for dinner (after returning the tuxedos – who makes you return tuxedos the day after the wedding…don’t they know we’re beat?) and we should try and get some food into our stomachs. We love you all and are still giddy about our fantastic day! Keep sending your photos of the day to us and we’ll post them on the website! This is Mrs. And Mr. Pitta signing off!