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We are registered at Bed Bath & Beyond - Link

Amazon was one of the few places that had the china that we liked so we registered there as well. An online company like Amazon also just seemed to fit our style of doing things. Link

We also welcome weekend excursions / fun activities / things to do, types of gifts

How we met
John and Janine met when they both were working for Egghead Software back in 1995. Janine was transferred to the San Ramon store, where John was assistant manager at the time. They were just friends, but both of them liked each other (they found out later). After losing touch for about 10 years, Janine was still thinking about John – he was the “What if?” guy that she always thought about. The day before her birthday in 2004, she looked John up on Google and found a website where John had written a review of a video game. There was an e-mail link that she sent a short e-mail inquiring if this was the same John Pitta she knew. On her birthday, the following day, she received an e-mail from John. It turned out that a year earlier he had also been searching for her, but wasn’t able to find her on any of the searches he tried. They talked on the phone that night and have been together every since! Two weeks after they were reconnected, they tried to find the link where Janine had found John, and couldn’t find it anywhere…things do happen in mysterious ways!

The Engagement
On their 3-year anniversary, John and Janine went to Saratoga to one of their favorite restaurants - La Fondue. They were running a bit early for dinner and were strolling along the street in Saratoga. John asked Janine to have a seat on a bench and handed her a box wrapped in orange linen wrapping paper (said to be her anniversary gift). Upon opening the box, Janine found an awesome silver ipod nano. She gingerly removed it from the box and started to look it over. As she turned it to look at the backside, she noticed it had been engraved with the words – “Janine, Will you marry me? John 3/11/07.” The words out of her mouth were “What?” As she turned, John had dropped to his knee in front of the bench and asked the same words on the back of the ipod. They went on to have a great dinner and Janine said, “YES!” of course!