Who is Sprinkle? She is Grace Pitta


Grace Pitta
She was born at Kaiser Hayward at 9:27am on 3/23/2010 - weighing 9lbs 1oz - and19 1/2 in long
We are so happy to have Grace with us now and she is absolutely adorable and perfect.

We are updating the pictures now and will have some videos soon.

Who is this Sprinkle?
Sprinkle was the "code name" we are using for our baby. The day we found out we were pregnant, we looked up on a baby site about it. They do comparisons on how big the baby is to normal objects. At that time the description was "about the size of a sprinkle on a cupcake". We both got a bit misty eyed and the name stuck. Just be thankful we did not find out later along, otherwise we would be using "large mouth bass" as the code name.