What does the Nursery look like?


Some sample pictures


As most of you know, we bought a new house right after finding out we were pregnant. The room we chose as the nursery, was given a fresh coat of paint and off we flew to Washington for a summer vacation. While in Seattle we went to the Science Fiction museum and they had an awesome traveling Jim Henson exhibit put on by the Smithsonian. Between the original Muppets, drawings, videos, and fur covered walls, we knew immediately that that would be Sprinkles nursery theme! Coming up with which characters, the layouts, designs, etc. took much longer to decide. After preliminary drawings, and final sketches, John painstakingly cut each character panel out of wood. It took about a month for the panels to be completed and each has/will have a 3D element in addition to the painting. Janine also created the curtains and pillows for the window bench out of fabric we both picked out. Our idea was to not have a “baby” room, but a room that could grow with her for a few years and would be filled with color. We hope you enjoy the pictures and video!










More Nursery Pictures